The Various Stages of Your Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment Stages

There are a number of stages in your Orthodontic Assessment and possible Treatment Planning.

Appointment One: Initial Consultation

Dr Duff will meet with you to listen to your concerns. After conducting a preliminary examination, he will provide a brief explanation of the possible treatment you may need (if any). If no treatment is immediately necessary, Dr Duff will advise you accordingly and recommend a time frame for you to revisit us. If however, it seems that you may benefit from treatment, your next appointment with Dr Duff will be to gather detailed records of your teeth and jaw. You may be sent to have x-rays taken following this appointment. At this time, there is a set fee for your initial consultation of $95.00

Appointment Two: Records of your teeth

At the records appointment, photographs and impressions (moulds) of your teeth will be taken. These along with the x-rays, will enable Dr Duff to conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth and diagnose the problem you may have and then structure a detailed treatment plan.

Appointment Three: Presentation of your treatment plan

At this appointment a detailed treatment plan will be presented to you. You will also receive a fee quote for the proposed treatment. There is a set fee of $160.00 at this stage that covers both appointments 2 and 3.

Appointment Four onwards: Active Treatment and Retention

Any active treatment begins when your appliance eg braces, plates are placed and you are required to attend regular appointments (at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks) with Dr Duff. It is important that you try to keep all of your ongoing appointments to maintain progress of your treatment. Dr Duff will attend to you personally and ensure your treatment is progressing as expected.

Once you have completed active treatment, you will progress into the retention stage with regular appointments of between 8 weeks to 6 months over a period of approximately two years. Dr Duff will monitor you during this stage to ensure your teeth stabilise to maintain the results achieved.

Your treatment fee covers the cost of fitting/adjusting your retainers for two years as well as your first set of retainers. If a replacement retainer is required to, a fee will apply.

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